The Break Is Presenting Tisakorean


TisaKorean had been working harder to getting connected with Chance. He has been included in the wave of new artists with the roots of Texas. They are those who make a splash across the nation. And that ultimately means a viral sensation. Just the same with #woahchallenge and jigging, the native from Houston started to gain traction by way of successful singles and dance moves. Just witness how “Dip” that was released last year had hit more than four million plays. This was introduced on Soundcloud and “Werkkk” in 2017.

He is greatly influenced by the music from his father while he is growing up. He also idolized Dem Franchize Boyz and Linkin Park. The producer and artist signed to Atlantic Records and released his first ever mixtape earlier this year. The title “ A Guide to Being a Partying Freshman” that is a 17-track and school-themed project is a collection of options for the turn up like the “Gabby” and “Travis Porter-esque “4th Period Test (TestingSwag).

Better to know more about TisaKorean in “The Break” of XXL. His age is 23 and his hometown is in Houston. He actually grew up listening to The Clipse, Soulja Boy, Pharrell, Michael Jackson, Linkin Park, and Dem Franchize Boyz. He was also around his pops and he will usually listen to old music.

His style in singing is usually compared to others. But, he could not say who he sounded like. He is not even sure when talking about it. As for his standout records, these include “WatchOut”. He was also able to show the different sides of himself and also like that.

It was “Dip” that remained as his blow-up record. He really appreciated both of the songs. Be more interested in his slept-song called the “Frunt”. This can be found on A Guide to Being a Partying Freshman. That is why if people will go back to listen, the song will become a standout. It may seem an unusual track but it’s more likely that you will approve of it. For once, each generation has a unique sound to like. He felt that “Frunt” is the opposite of what the present generation used to listen to. He feels like it is still one of the songs that will go to live for a long time.

With regard to his standout moment, this is none other than “Definitely the Chance Feature (Groceries. The opportunity that Chance has given to him is also a moment that he treasured the most. People had started it seeing it with their eyes. It is just that he feels like this has opened their eyes more. He also came in as a new artist among other artists. All they do is to look up. As the low, all they do is to look up. That is why if somebody extends their hand out, it can such be a big thing. He is grateful and he feels it damn so cool.

What most people do not know is that he is germaphobic. He also has been that way. He also believes that he will blow up due to the positivity he is putting out. He is really the next “TisaKorean”!

Kanye West Will Be Having a New Song According to IRV Gotti

kanye west

Ja Rule and Irv Gotti stopped by The Breakfast Club on the 5th day of June, Wednesday morning. Their goal is to promote the BET Show Tales which will be an upcoming season. In such a conversation with Irv, he also confirmed that the premier will highlight the brand new song of Kanye West.

The usual thing done in Tales if one is a true fan of it is that he will be taking existing songs. He will turn them into movies. That is why last July 2, the season premiere, will be a 2-hour season premiere of a new record. This is produced by Irv Gotti along with Seven, his production partner. This also included a very huge artist who was left unnamed. That has left many a controversial issue. The hugest and biggest artist who also has been the most controversial of the year will be covered.

It was when Envy says that it is Kanye West. Irv yells that he did not say it. Afterward, Envy says that the new song will be under the production of Gotti. Gotti, on the other hand, also chimes in that it is also produced by Seven, his partner. He did not even confirm the ‘Ye song.

Dating back in November 2017, Irv presented a photo of himself and of Kanye West. This took place on Instagram wherein he hinted that they were up to something that is enormous. Although he did not further elaborate on the context, it seems that people already have got the answer.

Irv Gotti said that when two people such as himself and Kanye worked together, hip hop will come out as something enormous. It really will turn out as something enormous. They are known as two crazy and out of the box thinkers. That is what is meant by serving the world. People only just need to stay tuned as it is about the great meeting of the minds. That was what he exactly told Kanye West.

Better to take time watching Ja Rule and Irv Gotti’s full interview. This was on the famous The Breakfast Club. The conversation with Kanye starts around the 40-minute mark.

And while some have known Kanye West already, some who might have come across this article don’t know much about him. It is just to elaborate more of him who is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, record producer, and fashion designer. Throughout the course of his career, he has been known as an instigator of different developments. That ultimately focuses on the mainstream hip hop including the popular music.

As per the latest episode of the anthology series of Irv Gotti, it featured a part of the new song by Kanye West and another artist. So, for sure you can’t wait for this new song introduced by the one and only hip hop artist. There’s so much more about this song that you will definitely love the most. Also, better tell your friends about the good news of the coming Kanye West’ song!

Fyre Festival According to Ja Rule Was An Incredible Idea

fyre festival

After the controversy in the Fyre Festival, two years ago, Ja Rule sticks with the idea that it really was a dope idea. On the 5th day of June, he appeared before the Power 105 The Breakfast Club. He spoke on different projects that include the Fyre Festival Disaster. The former artist of the Murder Inc. co-founded the festival along Billy McFarland. He made it clear about his stance on this matter.

Ja Rule also mentioned something about his brother as the real shit. And yes, his brother had supported him all the way. It was an incredible idea of having the Fyre Festival established. That is why people should not act as if every fucking body will not be coming to the Fyre Festival.

The outcome of the festival was not all they ever wanted. But, Ja felt like the concept already had the right ingredients for success. It was just that it was done wrong. It was even more badly organized. Both the dope and marketing were dope. Everything was done just right on the end. Even the execution was unexpectedly bad.

Although there seemed complications with the subsequent backlash and the festival, Ja said that he wanted to give it a try. There will only be a need for better planning and more different name.

Actually, he is getting calls from the larget muthafuckin’ niggas who organize festivals in the world. He is sure to do another festival but that he should do it right. That is what he intended to do at the very first place.

What Ja thought about the festival as a dope idea was disagreed by fans. One of the fans on Twitter said that Ja Rule was clearly delusional. He is living in his little head. Those people are poor but were able to spend thousands of dollars to get ripped off. The hundreds of workers also will never see a dime and that he is such a disgrace.

Another user also wrote about Ja Rule being right. According to him, the Fyre Festival was truly a brilliant idea. It is just that the people behind it were mentally incapable. And as they say, it is, friggin retarded.

Better to read on more heated reactions of fans to Ja Rule’s bold claim. There was also even an interview made with “The Breakfast Club”. Unite and Win also agreed upon Ja Rule’s a private concert on a private island in the Caribbean. That is something to love. It’s just good that JaRule thinks of the festival as something that is still amazing.

One more comment said that the festival was a great idea. If there was one who would say that it is not, he would still give value in their opinions. It is just that it was created by an artist who is only after the money. From Twitter user kym, she said that she does not want to see even a single headline with Festival and Ja Rule in it.

Now, you already have learned more about the Fyre Festival and the thoughts of Ja Rule and all other people about it!