Day: September 1, 2019

Kanye West on Getting “Punk’D’ and Going Berserk?

kanye west

Even before Kanye West’ parody on South Park, he already fell victim to the prank of Ashton Kutcher to him. The latter really had mischievous intentions pranking him into oblivion. He made West an unwitting participant of the famous Punk’d in MTV.

In that particular show, it featured clips of celebrities who are pranked in such an embarrassing fashion. Kutcher’s prank to Kanye was acceptable as one of the most memorable. In that episode, Kutcher infiltrates the set of the video shoot of Kanye. He makes an inside man of Chris Milk, the director who is responsible for helping the version two of “Jesus Walks”. This is the video wherein Kanye is visiting a film set in the L.A. area in the episode. Kutcher also had his film commission crew from Los Angeles to meet Kanye on the set.

As Kanye met the leader of the crew (just one of the disguises of Kutcher), he told that he cannot film the video unless he got a permit. Right after going back and forth with the leader, things suddenly came out when a crew takes rolls of film off of Kanye’s hands. That was when he understandably gets louder. Things just get out of control and get heated. Kanye shouted that that is his film. This was when he snatches a roll of film and finds his way to whip and bounce from the scene.

While Kanye was being driven away, Kutcher starts to catch up to him. Both of them shared a good laugh after revealing that Kanye had just become the latest victim of the prank. This was intended for the episode entitled “Punk’d”. Such was interestingly good stuff, so far.

As per the episode, it originally premiered on the 13th day of June, 2004. That was why they came up on the 15th anniversary of the day it was aired. Better to take a step back and watch the episode introduced by Punk’d. At the 8-minute mark was when Kanye part came in.

The viewers somehow had their comments about Kanye West. One viewed shared his opinion about it not being funny. It was also believed by him to be racist of MTV. And, he even believed it to be more disrespecting. He hoped that this could have not been done to Kanye West. This is because it’s already 21st century and times are already changing. But, others are asking what racism is done in the prank.

Try to do a quick search on YouTube and relive the show. You will pretty much like the idea of watching it. Just after you typed that out, it will make you laugh again. You will enjoy the full video and keep your eyes focused on it. If you love listening to Kanye’s music or anyone else’s be sure to take a look at LCW Electric’s services for wiring your home audio and theater needs!

And if you are curious about the first version of Jesus Walks, watch one more video. It can be possible that just like others the song can become your favorite even up to this day.

So, now you have learned more about Kanye West on getting “punk’d’ and going berserk!