Barbara Corcoran, the Star of “Shark Tank”, Wants Jay-Z to Appear on Show


The famous ABC’s Shark Tank is interested in Jay-Z appearing on the show. This report was according to what was published in the TMZ last June 5. Barbara Corcoran was asked if she would want Jay-Z for Shark Tank. She approved of him and she would like to personally invite him on. She would put in a good word to her producer so that he can star on the show.

Corcoran, even more, emphasized that he might be the best shark. That could certainly be possible to achieve. She made it sure that he will get invited.

A self-made millionaire, Corcoran became the star of the famous “Shark Tank” on ABC. Even before that, she already was an accomplished investor, author, consultant, and businesswoman. This was also even before she congratulates Hov on being a billionaire.

Corcoran also insisted to TMZ that Jay-Z deserves it more. He is a self-promoter and he works a lot. Why should such a celebrity like him not be a billionaire?

Even according to Forbes, Jay-Z had already reached his billionaire status last June 3. This was earlier than expected. His bank account had hit 7-figures. This was also brought by the different ventures he has been involved with like his music career and his companies like TIDAL and Roc Nation. What more, he has had his investments in some companies like Uber.

He really is fortunate to have obtained billion-dollar wealth. This stemmed from his investments and cash (220 million dollars), Armand de Brignac champagne (310 million dollars), Tidal (100 million dollars), D’ Usse’ (100 million dollars, art collection (70 million dollars), real estate (50 million dollars), and music catalog (75 million dollars).

And although Jay-Z may have the so-called “99 problems”, his bank account can tell that he has no money problems. He is a 49-year-old music mogul who became the very first hip-hop artist turning a billionaire. Apart from his music ventures, he achieved much of his fortune by way of investments in companies like “Uber”, as mentioned.

Calculating his net worth, his stakes can be closely looked at. Added up to his income is the healthy account for a superstar lifestyle. His numbers were already checked by a roster of outside experts. The purpose is to ensure that these estimates were conservative and fair.

Jay-Z truly had an impressive portfolio highlighting the following amount above. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. May we not also forget that Beyonce is one of the self-made and richest women having a net worth of 355 million dollars. Beyonce and Jay-Z could run the world.

Now, the appearance of Jay-Z on the show “Shark Tank” is something you should ever consider waiting. He is an esteemed celebrity that you may have watched his great pictures.

The interesting thing about Jay-Z is that there is more to being a celebrity than just appearing on shows and events. He also is now known for owning a restaurant. It is up to you to discover his venture in the restaurant business, too.