The Break Is Presenting Tisakorean


TisaKorean had been working harder to getting connected with Chance. He has been included in the wave of new artists with the roots of Texas. They are those who make a splash across the nation. And that ultimately means a viral sensation. Just the same with #woahchallenge and jigging, the native from Houston started to gain traction by way of successful singles and dance moves. Just witness how “Dip” that was released last year had hit more than four million plays. This was introduced on Soundcloud and “Werkkk” in 2017.

He is greatly influenced by the music from his father while he is growing up. He also idolized Dem Franchize Boyz and Linkin Park. The producer and artist signed to Atlantic Records and released his first ever mixtape earlier this year. The title “ A Guide to Being a Partying Freshman” that is a 17-track and school-themed project is a collection of options for the turn up like the “Gabby” and “Travis Porter-esque “4th Period Test (TestingSwag).

Better to know more about TisaKorean in “The Break” of XXL. His age is 23 and his hometown is in Houston. He actually grew up listening to The Clipse, Soulja Boy, Pharrell, Michael Jackson, Linkin Park, and Dem Franchize Boyz. He was also around his pops and he will usually listen to old music.

His style in singing is usually compared to others. But, he could not say who he sounded like. He is not even sure when talking about it. As for his standout records, these include “WatchOut”. He was also able to show the different sides of himself and also like that.

It was “Dip” that remained as his blow-up record. He really appreciated both of the songs. Be more interested in his slept-song called the “Frunt”. This can be found on A Guide to Being a Partying Freshman. That is why if people will go back to listen, the song will become a standout. It may seem an unusual track but it’s more likely that you will approve of it. For once, each generation has a unique sound to like. He felt that “Frunt” is the opposite of what the present generation used to listen to. He feels like it is still one of the songs that will go to live for a long time.

With regard to his standout moment, this is none other than “Definitely the Chance Feature (Groceries. The opportunity that Chance has given to him is also a moment that he treasured the most. People had started it seeing it with their eyes. It is just that he feels like this has opened their eyes more. He also came in as a new artist among other artists. All they do is to look up. As the low, all they do is to look up. That is why if somebody extends their hand out, it can such be a big thing. He is grateful and he feels it damn so cool.

What most people do not know is that he is germaphobic. He also has been that way. He also believes that he will blow up due to the positivity he is putting out. He is really the next “TisaKorean”!