Kanye West Will Be Having a New Song According to IRV Gotti

kanye west

Ja Rule and Irv Gotti stopped by The Breakfast Club on the 5th day of June, Wednesday morning. Their goal is to promote the BET Show Tales which will be an upcoming season. In such a conversation with Irv, he also confirmed that the premier will highlight the brand new song of Kanye West.

The usual thing done in Tales if one is a true fan of it is that he will be taking existing songs. He will turn them into movies. That is why last July 2, the season premiere, will be a 2-hour season premiere of a new record. This is produced by Irv Gotti along with Seven, his production partner. This also included a very huge artist who was left unnamed. That has left many a controversial issue. The hugest and biggest artist who also has been the most controversial of the year will be covered.

It was when Envy says that it is Kanye West. Irv yells that he did not say it. Afterward, Envy says that the new song will be under the production of Gotti. Gotti, on the other hand, also chimes in that it is also produced by Seven, his partner. He did not even confirm the ‘Ye song.

Dating back in November 2017, Irv presented a photo of himself and of Kanye West. This took place on Instagram wherein he hinted that they were up to something that is enormous. Although he did not further elaborate on the context, it seems that people already have got the answer.

Irv Gotti said that when two people such as himself and Kanye worked together, hip hop will come out as something enormous. It really will turn out as something enormous. They are known as two crazy and out of the box thinkers. That is what is meant by serving the world. People only just need to stay tuned as it is about the great meeting of the minds. That was what he exactly told Kanye West.

Better to take time watching Ja Rule and Irv Gotti’s full interview. This was on the famous The Breakfast Club. The conversation with Kanye starts around the 40-minute mark.

And while some have known Kanye West already, some who might have come across this article don’t know much about him. It is just to elaborate more of him who is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, record producer, and fashion designer. Throughout the course of his career, he has been known as an instigator of different developments. That ultimately focuses on the mainstream hip hop including the popular music.

As per the latest episode of the anthology series of Irv Gotti, it featured a part of the new song by Kanye West and another artist. So, for sure you can’t wait for this new song introduced by the one and only hip hop artist. There’s so much more about this song that you will definitely love the most. Also, better tell your friends about the good news of the coming Kanye West’ song!